1984 is a first-person survival adventure set in Orwell's timeless dystopia. As Winston Smith you must carefully plot your secret rebellion against Big Brother, while avoiding the suspicions of the Thought Police. Brought to you by the Narrative Director of Subnautica, Talos Principle and FTL.


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Open development

We aim to be as transparent as possible about our development process, and we hope to bring you in as we go. Follow along on our Trello board, which records our completed and work-in-progress tasks.



Tom Jubert

Tom is a narrative director, writer, and game developer. His work includes Subnautica, The Talos Principle, FTL, The Swapper, Penumbra, Driver: San Francisco, and Binary Domain.


Sönke Seidel

Sönke is an art director, technical artist, and game developer. His work includes games like Chorus, Battle Planet: Judgement Day, Beatbuddy, Kane and Lynch 2, Alliance: The Silent War, Codename: Gordon, and Psychotoxic.


Jonas Bötel

Jonas is a technical director, software engineer, and game developer. His work includes games like Rara and Subnautica, as well as optimizing performance and porting to Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.



Inner Party is an independent video game development studio founded in January 2023 by Tom Jubert, Sönke Seidel, and Jonas Bötel. The studio is focusing on immersive storytelling and thought-provoking gameplay experiences.

The roots of Inner Party can be traced back to the early 2000s when Sönke Seidel and Jonas Bötel first crossed paths in the map-making community for the original Counter-Strike video game. At the time, Sönke was already working as a professional 3D artist, while Jonas was studying computer science with aspirations of a career in game development. The duo collaborated on several smaller game projects, and although none of them got released, their desire to work together professionally persisted throughout the years.

In 2015, Tom Jubert and Jonas Bötel met at Unknown Worlds Entertainment while working on the critically acclaimed game, Subnautica. Tom, renowned for his exceptional storytelling abilities, wrote the captivating narrative for Subnautica, which Jonas implemented with technical expertise. Their close collaboration extended beyond the workplace, as they traveled the world together, fostering a shared ambition to work together again in the future.

In 2022, a serendipitous turn of events brought Tom and Sönke, who had not yet met, to independently approach Jonas with a shared vision. Both Tom and Sönke expressed a desire to create a video game based on the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, which had recently entered the public domain. Recognizing the potential of this collaboration, Jonas facilitated their connection, culminating in the formation of Inner Party.

The Inner Party team explored various genres that would effectively capture the essence of the Nineteen Eighty-Four universe. Ultimately, they concluded that a walking simulator would best convey the depth of the story, allowing players to intimately explore the dystopian world and its themes.

Press kit

We have prepared a press kit containing all our assets as well as information about Inner Party and the games we make.